Our intention and purpose is to promote art, culture and international understanding with all associated topics. The promotion, support and accompaniment of personal development and the realisation of artistic-cultural-creative offers is a fundamental goal of the association. Our activities focus on the musical instrument "Pantam" (other names are Handpan, Hang or Sound Sculpture).

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Upcoming events in 2018

Pantam Summer School, 08 JUL - 13 JUL 2018

- Basic Technique - Ghostnotes - Traditional, International Rhythms and how to work with them on the Pantam - Integrating the Percussive Aspects of the Instrument - Indepence - Odd Metres and Rhythmical Subdivisions - Composition - Advanced Techniques - Rhythmic Displacement - Creating Multi-Layered Sequences - Chords and Harmony -
Class "First Touch"
In this course, basic playing techniques and rhythms on the Pantam will be teached. This Class address to people with no or little experience in Pantam playing and also with small musical and rhythmical precognition on other instruments.
Class "Play Your Music"
This course addresses to Pantam Players with good precognition and a solid experience in Pantam playing. Beating techniques and a good rhythmical practise should be existing.
Class "Create Your Music"
For these course an advanced playing technique with regular practise is expected. The course is suitable for participants bringing good musical and rhythmical precognition- also on other instruments but specially on the Pantam.
Class "Live your Music"
Idea is that the central themes in this class are developed by students and teacher together - perhaps - Pantam in combination with different instruments, use of Legs, use of additional electronic equipment.
Memories Pantam Summer School