Pantam, Art & Culture an idealistic association with its own legal personality and its official registration in the national register of associations. The abbreviation for the organization is "". Pantam, Art & Culture carries out its activities mainly in Austria but in the near future also internationally.

Pantam, Art & Culture is non-profit-oriented and follows exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of §§ 34 ff BAO. The aim and purpose of the association is to promote art, culture and international understanding with all associated topics in Austria and internationally.

The support and accompaniment of personal growth and creative development of our members and the realisation of artistic-cultural-creative offers is a fundamental goal of the organisation. The association's activities focus on the musical instrument "Pantam" (additional names are Handpan, Hang or Sound Sculpture).

With the following activities we bring our intention into reality 

  • Organization of lectures, workshops, retreats, gatherings, summer schools/universities, courses, club meetings, excursions and other meetings.

  • Publication of documents as well as information material in various medias, including translations of works that serve the association's purpose.

  • Establishment of a database and documentation centre for the collection of written, visual, audio, video, technical and other informative material.

  • Conducting research studies - Influence of music and sounds on human consciousness.

  • Support and promotion of initiatives that are close to the purpose of the association.

  • Collaboration with cultural initiatives, artists, companies, associations, corporations and other organisations in Austria and abroad, as well as ministries, universities and other research institutions for the realisation of the association's purpose.

  • Other events and steps to achieve the purpose of the association, as well as special events to raise funds.

  • Operating educational and support institutions for people of all ages within the framework of legal requirements and possibilities.

  • Provision of infrastructure for members of the association and participants in association events.