Panthayāna Meditation

…is a way of developing your intuition through meditation accompanied by sound.

Different methods of visualization are used in order to train your concentration ability. Concentration, which means aiming your attention to a single topic, supports you to establish a connection to body, mind and soul.

The essence of Panthayāna stands for intuition, enlightenment, dreams, coherence, charisma and a vivid persona.

Panthayāna has the potential to show you a way to become human - which is a lifetime development! It is strong related to introspection and intuition. Essentially it enables you to unite the feminine and masculine. Finding balance within two opposing forces which stop confronting and start complementing each other, is an ability only few possess.

If people are unaware of their own essence, it is easy that they become overwhelmed by everyday life. If someone is able to perceive so many things from the world around himself, it needs training of concentration focusing the energy. Therefore, when there is emotional imbalance, you can become very withdrawn at a young age. This makes it difficult to make new friends and encourages you living in your own imaginary world. Adults can also become loners and spend too much time on self-reflection by attempting to understand everything that goes through their restless mind.

How to achieve balance? Finding and being part of a larger purpose than oneself is a good start.

This does not mean that you have to be the best and achieve everything alone. Instead it is better to simply start contributing even if in a small manner. It will still make a difference in your environment.

In summary achieving balance for you means discovering a purpose. An intention that truly motivates and uses your talents, so that you can finally take advantage of your many gifts. Achieving this is never an easy task and only few succeed in resolving their internal contradictions.

People who are practicing Panthayāna, going this way, have become the best versions of themselves. They are tremendously intuitive and possess an endless imagination, which enables them to become good humans. Their ability to connect the conscious and unconscious makes them able to create imaginary worlds.

Such skills are necessary for changing our world. Having high sensitivity that is way above normal makes them tremendously receptive to feelings of others.

In some cases they may be overly empathetic, but once they learn to stay objective, it will help lead others on the right path. Often clarity only comes after they reach maturity, at which point their capacity for reflection is greater.

Although sometimes an authentic journey in life begins later than desired, your influence on those around you will be highly beneficial.