...play, share and grow - be part of it

Pantam School

The first international Pantam Summer School in 2017 was the starting signal for Pantam, Art & Culture. The organisation of summer school's, workshops, regular group and individual lessons for children and adults is the main task of "School & more". Our goal is to make the Pantam-Play accessible to all people around the globe. It is our conviction that with the help of sound and music we can transform the present world into another one. A world with more cooperation, mindfulness and interpersonal understanding.

School & more

Play, share and grow, become part of it! This is how some of the world's most popular and successful pantam players describe our vision. They cooperate in the "international Summer School's" in Pantam Workshops, Group Lessons and in special individual Lessons. This is the way how they transport their messages to the world. We welcome you to Pantam, School&more. Become part of a unique project, feel the magic of the instrument, develop your creativity and musical skills - expand your potential and grow with us.

Meet your Teachers - Pantam Summer School 2019

Kate Stone
For years, music has been one of the main columns in her life. Coming from classical piano, Kate discovered the handpan as a powerful instrument combining melody and percussion. Ever since, she dedicated herself to share its deeply touching and lifechanging vibrational sounds. Sharing her knowledge in her popular handpan workshops.
Christian Amín Vàrkonyi
Christian Amín has been playing the Hang & Pantam for more over a decade with a strong dedication to sound creation based on sacred and joyful resonance. He also plays native Flutes, percussion and a string instrument called Charango. Making music is for him a sacred act where the attitude of contemplating action is embedded by pure awareness.
David Kuckhermann
As advisor, teacher and performer, David is Part of the North American Frame Drum Association and Tamburi Mundi e.V., two organisations that organize frame drum festivals all over the world. When David is not touring or teaching Masterclasses, he works on his constantly growing series of instructional DVDs on Pantam playing.
Jeremy Nattagh
A multi-instrumentalist and ingenious sound engineer, Jérémy Nattagh has gathered all his different influences and experiences in a unique style on stage and in a classroom. Surrounded by his 4 pantams and drums played on his feet, he will lead you into the drunkenness of ethnic grooves, acoustic trance and lyricism of his compositions.
Kate Stone 03:24
Moon Valley
Christian Amín Vàrkonyi 05:19
Heartbeat - Interview
David Kuckhermann 06:32
Hang Solo - Royal Albert Hall
Jeremy Nattagh 04:18
Inception "Time"

Pantam Summer School

...exploring a world of sound & music, enjoying a relaxed time & growing as a human
- Basic Technique - Ghostnotes - Traditional, International Rhythms and how to work with them on the Pantam - Integrating the Percussive Aspects of the Instrument - Indepence - Odd Metres and Rhythmical Subdivisions - Composition - Advanced Techniques - Rhythmic Displacement - Creating Multi-Layered Sequences - Chords and Harmony -

Memories - Pantam Summer School 2017

PSS 2017 - Adrian J Portia 03:27
Amazing impressions, fantastic music
PSS 2017 - Kabeção 01:26
"Romanian Hijaz 22" @ Pantam Summer School 2017
PSS 2017 with Love 07:40
Awesome vibes, Jeremy Nattagh and Kabeção
Location - PSS 19
Music from Students and Teachers
Amazing music from our students and teachers
Mandakini 05:20
Marcel Hutter 06:17
Christian Amín Vàrkonyi 03:41
Alexandre Lora 04:34
Adrian J Portia 04:21
Nadayana 07:17
Florian Betz 02:23
Kabeção 09:11
Jeremy Nattagh 05:01
David Charrier 03:10
Kate Stone 07:15
David Kuckhermann 04:57