Play, Share & Grow – be part of it…

Pantam School's - offer an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary musical environment, unique of its kind worldwide.

Members of the PSS will get the opportunity to obtain unique experiences that will enhance their musical skills and creative life. From participants without any musical knowledge to professional artists, each student will benefit from special courses and experienced teachers.

Pantam Summer School means learning an instrument and at the same time doing something for your personal development in a playful way. An easy opportunity to discover oneself and one's own potential in a group of like-minded people without pressure to perform and no need to "prove oneself".

You gain cultural insights together with a mix of international students, while also getting to enjoy the Austrian summer in one of the most attractive places in the country. We welcome you to join the PSS19 – the school that makes people grow!

In order to help reducing your luggage and make everything easier, you will receive all learning materials directly at the location. All courses as well as amazing instructors are waiting for you!

The school activities take place from Sunday evening till Saturday afternoon. Following your registration we will send you the schedule for the whole week.

Sound is the innermost form of expression, part of everyone's blood. It is the music which makes your soul sing and brings endless joy. During this week, we seek for this music together and start living it. Creativity is developed out of sound – by beginners the same as full-blooded musicians.

Kate Stone, David Kuckhermann, Christian Amín Vàrkonyi and Jeremy Nattagh will send you together with the Pantam, Art & Culture Team on a personal journey with the vibes of the Pantam.

Feel the vibes and get your inspiration – be part of it.

We are looking forward to meet you at the PSS19 in Austria, all the best, great vibes and beauty, your Pantam, Art & Culture Team