Play, Share & Grow – Factsheet

PSS19 - offers an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary musical environment, unique of its kind worldwide. If you want to join as a member of the PSS19 - please send us a message via the contact form or an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will answer as soon as possible and return you the registration form.

If you have a Question or need Support we are happy to help you! Do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to welcome you at the PSS19!

  • Arrival and Check-In on Sunday 11.8.2019 from 15:00

  • Dinner together and Introduction of the Teachers – 18:00

  • Teaching starts on Monday 12.8. at 9:00 – in total five Days Teaching

  • 40 Students – 4 Educators – 10 Persons/Class

  • Each Participant will get the Opportunity to learn from each Teacher

  • Your Teachers are: David Kuckhermann – Kate Stone – Armin Varkonyi – Jeremy Nattagh

  • Closing and Departure – 17.8.2019 Afternoon or 18.8.2019 after Lunch


  • The PSS19 will take place at the most beautiful and intimate Location we could find - Seminarhof Schleglberg! (

  • The whole Venue is booked for the PSS19 and the use of the Spa Area, the Swimming Lake,… is included for our Members

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included in the standard Room Prices! Vegetarian and vegan Food will be provided by the excellent Chefs of the Seminarhof Schleglberg if you order in advance - please let them know!

Prices - Memberships PSS19

  • PSS19 Early Bird Memberships: € 520,-- (only available until 30.3.2018)

  • PSS19 Couple Membership: € 520,-- (price per Membership, only for two Registrations)

  • PSS19 Standard Membership: € 575,--

Prices - Accomodation (accommodation is to be booked directly at the Seminarhof Schleglberg)

  • Camping for Self-Supporters / per Day: € 10,-- (extra bathrooms and toilets available)

  • Camping including Full Board / per Day: € 43,50,-- (extra bathrooms and toilets available)

  • Double room with Full Board / per Day: € 63,--

  • Single room with Full Board / per Day: € 68,--

General Terms and Conditions

As a Participant at the PSS19 you are a temporary supporting Member of the Association "Pantam, Art & Culture". "Pantam Summer School 2019" is an Association's internal Event and is only attended by Members of the Non Profit Association “Pantam, Art & Culture”.

Additional Terms and Conditions

All Forms of Violence are strictly prohibited. Failure to do so will result in immediate Suspension of the Venue and, if necessary, Notification to the competent Authority.

The Association is not liable for personal Injury or Damage to Property. During and after the Event, the Association accepts no Liability of any kind regarding Visitors who are on the Event Site or who re-enter it. The Facilities approved for Members must be used with Care and Respect.

The Association reserves the Right to change the Program and replace Teachers if it is necessary. This does not entitle the Participants to return the Ticket.

Persons who are under Influence of Drugs are not allowed to enter the Area.


Kate Stone, David Kuckhermann, Christian Amín Vàrkonyi and Jeremy Nattagh will send you on a personal Journey with the Vibes of the Pantam.

Feel the Vibes, get your Inspiration – be Part of it.

We are looking forward to meet you at the PSS 2019 in Austria, all the best, great vibes and beauty, your Pantam, Art & Culture Team